Rust and Paint Removal Services

Rust and Paint Removal Services

We provides Heat Induction services, a safe & clean working of rust & paint  removal environment. The world’s fastest, safest and cleanest method for removing paint and coatings from steel surfaces.Thick coatings of up to 25mm just don’t resist the power of induction.

Paint removal outperforms traditional methods. No blast media. Safer, healthier working conditions. Easy clean-up of paint and coating debris. Up to 90% time-saving.

Much easier clean-up. The coating material peels off in flakes rather than being pulverized.

Paint and coating removal is ideal for building and bridge repairs and maintenance.

RPR Induction is Cost efficient

with a minimum of power consumption even the thickestand hardestcoatings must surrender.

♦ The induction Disbonder is up to10 times faster than     corventional methods.
♦ Work day and night shifis without disturbing the             neighbours.
♦ Plug & Play. Compact unit that is easy to bring and       install-anywhere.
♦ Minimum wear & tear.

Environmentally friendly

The Induction Disbonder removes asbestos, lead and toxic coatings without compromising the health of the operators nor the emmronment.

♦ No dust. No noise.
♦ 75% energy reduction.
♦ Minimum waste management
♦ An excellent safety record.
Health, security & environment

Contractors and facility owners will appreciate the opportunity to work wthout disturbing and contaminating with dust and noise:

♦ On bnidges in city centers and river crossings.
♦ In areas of power plants,control rooms and confined     spaces.
♦ On offshore installatons,cut expensive sand/grit and     fresh water logistics.
♦ On pipelines that cross protected and sensitive             nature.

Steel Structures

Steel structures such as bridges and towers in environmentally sensitive spaces are areas where heat induction is a superior method of removing old coatings.